Include Co-op

The Issue

There is a lack of housing options that meet the needs of Canadians today. Housing, especially in urban areas is not affordable, of good quality and does not reflect the desire for more sustainable homes and building practices. The need to create more affordable units is increasing and we are left with few options, while falling further and further behind. What Canadians really need is a place to call home that is affordable, sustainable and attainable.

The Solution

We need more co-operative housing built and expanded to ensure more options for Canadians in areas with some of the highest cost housing. Co-ops should be considered in any solution to the housing crisis along with renting and buying. When we encourage more co-ops, we create more communities in areas Canadians need them, more options for families, and more better relationships that foster skills and ownership. This is the future of a modern housing mix in Canada.

How you can help

  • Be part of the campaign by tweeting at your local candidates.
  • Talk to your candidate at the door and share some ideas.
  • Share your profile picture with our #IncludeCoop frame here!
  • Encourage your members to vote!